Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My birthday party!

Hi everyone! Last week my parents came to Florianópolis. As you already know, I had to cancel the thematic party I was preparing because none of my friends were coming. So, I watched the opening ceremony of the World Cup with my parents and my brother. I am a great soccer fan!

On the 12th we went out to have lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I love Japanese food! Even though we had a great time together, I was a bit disappointed because I also wanted to celebrate my birhtday with my friends.

Most to my surprise, at night when I had already put on my pajamas Ju asked me to go to one of our neighbor's apartment to help her hanging a curtain. We spent 10 minutes there, then we came back, I openned the door, and, to my suprise there they were, all my friends, with the best party one could expect!

There were many kinds of food and drinks. All of those who told me they couldn't come to the thematic party were there. The funniest part of the party was a powerpoint presentation Ju and Thati organized for me. They presented it in a very big screen and some important moments of my life were shown. I wanted to put it here in the blog, but it does not give support to the file. I will find another way to show it to you.

Well, I definetly loved it all! The only "problem" of the party was that everyone was well dressed and I was wearing my pajamas! And guess who was also there!?! Right! Paul! My paragliding instructor! And I was so embarassed...

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