Sunday, May 30, 2010

My birthday!

Hi everyone!

As you probably know, next June 12th is my 24th birthday! I am so excited about it that I decided to organize a party to celebrate with my friends. Since this is a World Cup year, my idea was to organize a thematic party. Take a look at the invitation:

Well, as soon as I started inviting my friends, they came up with the following excuses.


Ana: “I can’t. My parents are visiting from out of town.”

Carlos: “I’m sorry. I have to study for an exam that day.”

Paula: “Unfortunately I can’t go. I will have to work.”

Fábio: “That sounds fun. However, I got a new puppy and I have to stay home with him.”

Cristina: “Oh! It’s my grandmother’s 90th birthday and my parents told me to visit her.”


Their excuses disappointed me. I had many plans for the party! Didn’t they like the idea? Was the day and time too bad? What should I do to convince them to come? Or should I cancel it because no one seems to be coming?

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