Monday, February 28, 2011

Best part of my last vacation!

Wow, wow, wow, people! You can't imagine how I missed you all! I did lots of amazing things on my last vacation. However, my favorite, was my visit to my dear grandma Tereza. She lives at the countryside and she is already on her 90s. So, she has lots of stories to tell and it is very interesting to spend the afternoons eating cake and listening to grandma. Late in the afternoon we sat and she told me that people of the town where she lives, seventy years ago, only drank herbal tea for illness. She was complaining that nowadays people have pills and, in the future, people are going to get vaccines! That's grandma: she's afraid of the flu vaccine! I don't mind having vaccines! Anyway, I want to know about your vacation. Please, please, tell me a little bit about it? Could leave a short note here at the blog? I would be so glad!!!!