Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hi folks! Let me introduce you some of my favorite writers

This is J. K. Rowling

She is the author of the Harry Potter series.
Her first name is Joanne and she is 44 years old.
She is from England. She has a daughter and her name is Jessica.

And this is Dan Brown

He is the author of the famous book “The Da Vinci Code” .
He is from the United States and he is 45 years old.
He is married to Blythe Newlon. She helps him to promote his books

And these are the Wachowsky brothers

They write screenplays for movies.
The movie “Matrix” is one of their famous works.
The older brother’s name is Andrew and his
nickname is Andy.
The younger brother is called Larry.
Andy is 44 and Larry is 42 years old. The Wachowski brothers are from Chicago, USA.