Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from vacations!

Hello Everyone!

I just came back from vacations, and it was great! I went to my aunt’s house in São Paulo, where I used to spend the summer as a child. There, I met my cousins and we had a lot of fun remembering our childhood games: catch, hide-and-seek, twister, skating… we felt as if we were kids again!

There was only one thing I felt very sad about: the traffic in São Paulo is getting worse! Can you believe we took one hour to go home from the shopping mall? It used to take twenty minutes! There are traffic jams all around the city which contribute to air pollution, too!

I noticed most of the cars had only the driver in them. I've been told (my aunt told me, in fact) it is because there are no facilities for pedestrians and the public transportation systems are crowded, so people prefer to drive.

I think everybody should think more about the environment. The city should provide more bus and subway lines, and people need to be more conscious walking or riding their bikes more often whenever possible.

As I was walking down Viaduto do Chá I saw a person riding a Segway. I liked the idea very much! It is electric and the batteries can go for 35km. What’s best? It emits up to 93% less carbonic gas than any motorcycle or car! Cities should build Segway lanes, and I can’t wait to have my own!

See you all in our virtual classroom,

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