Monday, March 14, 2011

Curiosities of my last vacation!

Hi there! I visited Amsterdam during my last vocation and I would like to share with you my impressions about some interesting places. I was reading the City Guide of Amsterdam when, surprisingly, I found a couple of unusual museums. One of them is the Museum of Bags and Purses (, the largest in the world. It offers a collection dating from the 16th century until now. All those shapes, colors, and sizes are amazing! Sadly, a wonderful collection of bags is offered at the museum shop, however I did not had money to buy any! The other curious museum is the Diamond Museum ( Besides all the history of diamonds in the world (even in Brazil), the museum exhibits famous diamonds, crowns, and jewelry. In addition, the museum shows how the industrialization of diamond works, that is, we can see workers polishing diamonds in front of us! Really cool! Finally, I was leaving the museum when, unexpectedly, I found a computer which allows us to take picture of ourselves and, then, we can choose pictures of crowns and jewelry to add to our picture! Nice toy! Of course I chose a fancy crown to add to my picture! Besides, Amsterdam has lots of other fantastic places, such as: the Rijks Museum (, Madame Tussaud (, Nemo Science Center (, and the Van Gogh Museum ( Above, you can see a picture I took of tutor Kátia at the Madame Tussaud and another at the Rijks Museum. We traveled together! What an adventure!


  1. Lily went to Amsterdam along with Katia! Nice! ;)

  2. Hi people!
    I'm not sure, but
    it seems that was Katia's wax sculpture

  3. So I have a question
    You spend your vascation in Netherlands
    Was Van Gogh born there?

  4. that envy! I would like to one day be able to visit all these wonderful places!

  5. Hi Lili!!

    If I go to Amsterdam one day, I will sure go in the Museum of Bags and Purses too. It's a very nice sugest.

  6. Hi, People!
    It's nice to see you posting your comments here!
    Yes, Evermondo, Van Gogh was born there and people from Netherlands are very proud of that! And that museum is simply amazing! We can see paintings from several famous painters, including Rembrandt.
    Wow, a wax sculpture! What an honor! hahah

  7. Oh, I am sure you all will visit those wonderful places!
    LOL - Kátia as a wax sculpture - LOL - Nice, Evermondo! LOL!
    And, yes, Patrícia, that collection of purses is a dreeeeeam!

  8. Hi, there!
    Lily and Kátia... the pictures are just fantastic! How nice of you to share them with us! Please, post more! We want to see more!

  9. Wow Lilly and Katie, you were in the mecca of arts, you must have seen the great artists such as Eyck brothers (some say he invented the painting), Vermeer, Rembrandt (do you remember the color named "rembrandt red" that came after him, Van Gogh, etc..
    Only these four have already paid off their holiday trips. Congratulations.
    The art coupled with the trip can be considered soul food.
    So, I think you'll be well fed for a year.

  10. I mean only these "four artists", if you followed me...
    Big hugs!

  11. I've never been to Amsterdan, but I've only heard nice things about it. I love going to museums, too. I'm really sorry that in my State we don't have so many nice ones!!!
    I really enjoyed your pictures and the sites you indicated are great!

  12. Yes, Evermondo, the Van Gogh Museum is a dream and there is so many paintings to see that we could spend days inside it! To be sincere I don´t remember specifically of the Eyck brothers and Vermeer. And I am not very literate on paintings. However, I found Van Gogh´s paintings very sad. I think Rembrandt´s paintings are better... they express more happiness, in my humble opinion and perception.
    And you know what? I had the oportunity to visit a real studio... from a painter friend of my. I can send you some pictures of her work if you like!
    Wow... I have so much to share...

  13. Ups, actually she is Kátia´s friend! LOL
    And, Michele, I know that you will love that overdose of culture. ;)