Monday, March 28, 2011

Brazilian Movie Não se pode viver sem amor

Our exciting visit to Gramado ended with an interesting movie we watched at Palácio dos Festivais, where annually the best of Brazilian movies are awarded. We watched the movie Não se pode viver sem amor. This a fascinating movie which narrates a story about a mother and son who arrive in Rio de Janeiro in a December 23th in order to look for the boy's father. This journey reveals that we cannot live without love. I appreciated the movie because it is always good to see Rio de Janeiro. Besides, I believe we should trust the quality of movies produced in Brazil. I was fascinated with Cauã Raymond's acting. He is an actor who incorporates the character.


  1. Hello Lily!
    Gramado is beautiful, indeed.
    About the movie, I will give it a try. Actually, I am not a fan of brazilian movies, but after your synopsis, let's give it a chance! ^^

  2. The title of this movie remember me another movie: Dying young. Sad, but cool.


  3. Now I got curiuos to see the movie. If I have cance I will see it.

  4. Hi Lilly!
    I think we, Brazilians are great, so the movie history always let me said, because they were poor and not creative as the Brazilians are. But the last ones made me changed my mind and conception about out movies. I now go to the cinema to see a national movie and I'm proud to say that we can make great movies!!!!

    See you!!

  5. Wow... I am happy to see that you have changed your mind about Brazilian movies!
    By the way, if you have the chance, go to the cinema and watch the movie called "A Antropóloga". It shows some interesting traditions from Florianópolis. Moreover, I friend of my, Aline Maciel, is one of the actresses!