Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing problems and solutions!

Hello Everybody!
I am curious to know about your PCC Research Project. Have you managed to create the task-based activity?
Talking about activities, I had to observe classes for my course... and I became really sad with the reality I faced. I went to a school where the classrooms have serious structural problems. And the worst part is that these problems are interfering in the way the teachers conduct their classes. What did I do about the situation? I sent an e-mail to the principal. Have you ever faced this kind of problem? What did you do about it? Would you like to share it with us?

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  1. Hi Lily, this is your friend Evermondo! how are you? I hope OK!
    Unfortunately it seems that you live in Brazil :)
    I say this because the type of complaints you did. Particularly, I've never experienced such a serious problems as yours.
    But I clearly know what you're talking about. And most of the time we know that the money which could be spent on better schools is taken by corrupt politicians. Will appeal to the school principal would solve these problems?
    I think not. Just because to me these problems are the consequences of a larger disease: the neglect to education.
    While the money don't appear, let's to use our imagination. So, I tried to let a bit of reflection on school problems. I hope had helped you. Bye bye and have a nice weekend!