Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey guys! Today’s post is going to be very short. I have loads of things to do but I couldn’t avoid stopping by to say hello!

You won’t believe that I am having the worst week of insomnia ever! And this is totally weird because I am really tired of studying for all the papers and exams which are scheduled for this week, but when I lay down in my bed I simply can’t sleep!!! Well, it may be because when I go to bed I can’t stop thinking…

Oh! Do you remember that last holiday I went paragliding? For sure you remember! My mind is so messy today!!! Well, the adventure was wonderful to help me relax a bit, unfortunately the relaxing sensation was over as soon as I stepped foot on Praia Mole. Wow! I almost forgot to tell you that the beach looks even more wonderful from up there. And I also have to confess that the paragliding instructor Paul is a very handsome and nice guy! ;)

By the way, I have some really bad news. Fluff is sick… He went out Saturday night to date the neighbors’ cat and got the flu or something like that. Can anyone help me find a good and cheap Vet for him? Meanwhile what can I do? He looks so miserable…

Well, I guess I’m stopping by here. I have to write the introduction for my monograph for next week and don’t have any ideas so far. Can anyone help me, pleeeease!

Just for fun I’ll leave you with one of my favorite ads. This definitely reminds me that I have to keep an eye on Fluff! ;)

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