Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tony and his surprise...

Hello folks!

This week my brother Tony brought a little surprise home. He is living with me since November. Tony is younger than me. He is funny and smart, but very stubborn. Guess what? He found a cat and brought it home! I did not expect it. However, Tony managed to convince me and now we have a pet. And Fluff (did you like the name?) is a wonderful cat, so cute and calm. Its body is striped like this nerd cat in the picture... :)

I must confess that I like Fluff so much!


  1. Hello Lily..
    I love cats, and in my opinion you got a very good friend. They are very smart and lovely!!!
    The name is wonderfull...I hope Fluff fells confortable with his new name and family.


  2. Hi Lily, I have to confess to you I like the name of your cat "Fluff", but, I don't like cat's, better was it, if your brother had found it another pet, like a dog.
    Sorry to be honest with you.
    your friend Adriana!!!

  3. I loved the name Fluff! I have two cats, one is called Belinha and other Tiazinha! I love cats!

  4. Hello Carise, Adriana and Bruna,
    Thanks for your comments!
    Fluffy is so cute and intelligent! ;)
    XOXO Lily